About Us

I have loved food all my life trying to stay thin, I was 245 pounds in my late 20’s and 30’s because of stress, had diabetes, and high blood pressure . I decided to change my life style and eat healthy for life. I tried taking old recipes and cutting fat and ingredients to make it more healthy so I could mange my weight with diet and exercise. I’m not a professional cook by anyway I just want to share A new way of eating that were helpful that worked for me. Weekly I meal prep to save time and money because If it is planed you can’t cheat. I have one cheat day per week we’re I eat out on weekends and rest stick to my calorie counter and my meal plan to stay health for life. I cook a more natural way and try to get as less store bout processed foods as possible. All recipes are home made from scratch. I grow my own vegetables and try to live healthier. I have changed my favorite recipes that I use to eat into things that I can now eat with out guilt and a new way of living and life

I tried my new food recipes on my friends and they loved the taste. The suggested that I try my hand out on making a recipe book.This is a form of Paleo but does not follow it precisely. This food has helped me and my weight loss goals I hope it helps you.

PS : I put some extras in it for our fur babies that have allergies and to reduce their sugar intake also.